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Welcome to physiotherapy Department of ITM Hospital , home to excellent physiotherapy in Gwalior Town. Our job is to give you best physiotherapists care, depending on your specific treatment plan. Physiotherapy is a partner of health sector, which uses bio-mechanics, kinesiology, manual care, conditioning treatment or electrotherapy for rehabilitation of physical movement, strength or function of patients. Physiotherapy called physiotherapy. Physiotherapy helps patients with Parkinson's disease, Paralysis, Stroke, Multiple Sky, or Cerebral Paralsy to be rehabilitated. In addition, both chronic and acute conditions can be treated by physiotherapists by home-treating patients. Physiotherapists can help patients recover mobility by getting to know the way the body functions, and they will be qualified to identify, diagnose and treat disabilities in clinical skills. Physiotherapists may help patients recover from injuries or disabilities from pain in back, spine, knee pain or issues in the ligament.

Aims of Physiotherapy in Hospital

  • Prevention of Complications Respiratory treatment, mobilization and activity, with the objective of minimizing complications resulting from the operation, anesthesia or immobility. Additionally, the treatment contributes to the prevention of deterioration and/or exacerbation of the pre-hospitalization medical condition.
  • Promotion of Function and Mobility Activation, strengthening and mobilization of the patient in order to enable resumption of maximal function and independence, using accessories if needed.
  • Functional Assessment Carrying out a functional assessment to recommend an appropriate framework for further treatment and promote the continuum of care, including rehabilitation.
  • Advice and Instructions Instructions for independent exercises and activity, to shorten the duration of recovery and promote general health.
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