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About us

ITM Hospital & Research Centre based in Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh, is recognised as one of the premier hospitals in Madhya Pradesh. We believe in health care that is based on a personal commitment to meet patient needs with compassion and care.
The behaviour of our doctors, the behaviour of our service personnel, we are committed to treating the patient in such a way that the patient feels that he is in the midst of his own family. We provide patient care with nursing, dietary diagnostic, therapy, pharmacy and laboratory services. ITM Hospital is providing excellent treatment at an affordable cost. We believe in Compassion, Transparency, Innovation and Inclusion.


To emerge as a world class institution for providing affordable and equivalent medical services and facilities to all sections of society. We aspire to become a respected name in academics, research and innovation in field of medical and allied sciences.


To provide and serve all sections of society with equality through outstanding clinical care, Compassion and transparency and to create affordable health facilities. We shall compliment the health infrastructure and facilities by creating centre of excellences


“As a qualified, experienced practicing doctor, I came across numerous instances in my long career with renowned hospitals wherein I witnessed many gaps when it came to patient treatment and patient care. Founder of ITM group Mr. Ramashankar Singh always wanted to bring about change in the existing healthcare system and patient service and incepted this dream to bring the best-in-class hospitable patient care at the most affordable price to suit one and all; primarily catering to the masses. To fulfil his dream and implement his vision, Shri Ramashankar Singh decided to upgrade the already running ITM Hospital to super speciality facility and I joined him as director to become part of his mission. With the support of the best medical practitioners, he will be able to create a destination that will be known for offering world class patient healthcare services; A destination at Gwalior for trusted healthcare known as ITM Hospital where patients become our friend for life.”
In many parts of the world, hospital care is being challenged by workforce issues, changing consumer expectations and demands for access to care, a mandate to improve patient-centred care, and concerns about healthcare quality and safety. Effective leadership is critical to maximising effective care management in the hospital setting. I have extensive experience in the health care sector spanning over 21 years in super-specialty and multi-specialty hospitals as well as overall management. I Have who has a strong clinical background and extensive knowledge of the Indian healthcare industry, is capable of quickly improving the quality of service in the healthcare organisation.


Dr.Prashant Agrawal
Director, ITM Hospital & Research Center