The brain is the most complex and least understood organ in the human body, and the field of neurology is dedicated to unraveling its mysteries. Every thought, sensation.

Critical care

In the intensive care unit, life hangs in the balance, and every heartbeat is a testament to the dedication and skill of those who work there. Critical care is not just a medical specialty.


Urology is a field dedicated to the intricate system responsible for one of life's most basic functions. It's about more than just treating conditions; it's about restoring confidence, dignity, and quality of life.

आयुष्मान भारत योजना

नागरिकों को ₹5,00,000 तक की मुफ्त स्वास्थ्य बीमा योजना द्वारा प्रदान किया जा रहा है। इस योजना के अंतर्गत, लाभार्थी व्यक्तियों को हर साल ₹5 लाख तक का मुफ्त इलाज प्राप्त होगा। अर्थात, हर साल ₹5 लाख के इलाज का निःशुल्क लाभ उन्हें मिलेगा।

OPD Hours

  • Monday - Friday 9:00 to 17:00
  • Saturday 9:00 to 17:00
  • Sunday Emergency Call

Emergency Case

Urgent care facility equipped for critical medical needs, operating 24/7 to provide swift, life-saving treatments in emergency situations.

+91 9090191963/64
About Us

Welcome To ITM Hospital Gwalior

A well-known hospital in Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh, ITM Hospital & Research Centre, has recently updated its super specialty and elevated the pre-existing facilities, including critical care and minimal invasive surgery protocols. According to the hospital's management team, "The 300-bedded tertiary care hospital operates under the guidance of highly experienced medical and healthcare professionals and includes 20 ICU beds, 20 beds for Obs, Gynae, and NICU, three modern operating theaters, a well-equipped and 24x7 available ER department, a dialysis centre, a dedicated mother and child care unit, along with highly advanced technologies like CT scan, MRI, Bone DEXA, ECHO, TMT, Physiotherapy, and more.

Our highly experienced doctors bring a multidisciplinary approach across 25+ super specialties, including oncology, cardiology, joint replacement, minimal access surgery, and others. We aim to enhance healthcare in Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh, by providing quality medical care with trust, transparency, and empathy while meeting all safety standards," says Mr. Ramashankar Singh, Chairman of the hospital.

ITM Hospital Gwalior

Trusted care, advanced facilities, compassionate staff, community service.

Success Stories

Our Success Stories

आईटीएम हॉस्पिटल में कलीम खान का सफल इलाज: एक दुर्घटना से उबरने की कहानी

कलीम खान लहार जिला भिण्ड के निवासी है, इनकी उम्र 33 वर्ष है। उक्त दिनांक 18/02/2024 लहार भिण्ड से ग्वालियर ड्यूटी करने जा रहे थे,...

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आईटीएम अस्पताल विशेष देखभाल के माध्यम से जीवन में बदलाव

फतेहपुर शिवपुरी जिलेके निवासी, श्री नितिन चिड़ार जिनकी उम्र 19 वर्ष है, यह अपने ठेके दारी का काम खत्म करके बाईक से अपने घर लोट रहे थे,...

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आईटीएम अस्पताल द्वारा प्रदान की गई विशेष देखभाल के कारण, दिनेश गोस्वामी के स्वास्थ्य में काफी सुधार हुआ।

गोहद, भिण्ड जिलेके निवासी, श्री दिनेश गोस्वामी जिनकी उम्र 53 वर्षहै, इन्होने कई अस्पतालों मेअपना ईलाज कराया...

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News & Events

Life-saving moments, compassionate care. Join us at the hospital event, a celebration of health, hope, and community support. Don't miss it!

Nurses Day: ITM Hospital Salutes Its Caregivers

On this Nurses Day, ITM Hospital proudly salutes its dedicated caregivers......

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Prioritize Your Health: ITM Hospital's Free Health

ITM Hospital and Research Center organized a comprehensive.......

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Game On For Good Health: Doctor's Premiere League

Doctor's Premiere League, a unique initiative by ITM, where Cricket enthusiast healthcare professionals witnessed men and women....

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Clear Vision Initiative: Free Cataract Operations Offered At ITM Hospital

आईटीएम अस्पताल द्वारा दिनांक 29-12-2023 को बनवार, में निशुल्क मोतियाबिंद ऑपरेशन जाँच परामर्श शिविर का आयोजन किया गया|

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ITM Hospital Joins Prabhat Pheri In Gwalior To Honor Mahatma Gandhi

ITM Hospital, under the ITM Universe umbrella, proudly joined the inspiring Prabhat Pheri ....

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Promoting Wellness: ITM Hospital Conducts Morning Health Camp

आईटीएम अस्पताल द्वारा दिनांक 08-09-2023 को मनोरंजनालय पार्क, हज़ीरा, ग्वालियर में प्रातःकाल निःशुल्क जांच एवं परामर्श शिविर का आयोजन किया गया।

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