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In the heart of Gwalior stands ITM Hospital, a beacon of healthcare excellence. With cutting-edge facilities and compassionate staff, it's a sanctuary for healing, offering hope and comfort to all who seek its care.
About Us

A well-known hospital in Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh, ITM Hospital & Research centre, has recently updated its super specialty and elevated the pre-existing facilities, including critical care and minimal invasive surgery protocols. According to the hospital's management team, "The 300-bed tertiary care hospital operates under the guidance of highly experienced medical and healthcare professionals and includes 20 ICU beds, 20 beds for Obs, Gynae, and NICU, three modern operating theaters, a well-equipped and 24x7 available ER department, a dialysis centre, a dedicated mother and child care unit, along with highly advanced technologies like CT scan, MRI, Bone DEXA, along with ECHO, TMT, Physiotherapy, and more.

Our highly experienced doctors bring a multidisciplinary approach across 25+ super specialties, including oncology, cardiology, joint replacement, minimal access surgery, and others. We aim to enhance healthcare in Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh, by providing quality medical care with trust, transparency, and empathy while meeting all safety standards," says Mr. Ramashankar Singh, Chairman of the hospital.

The hospital has also been recognized as the best emerging hospital in the vicinity for several specialties for following the moral of “Sewa Samta aur Sammaan”. Dr. Ramashankar adds, "This recognition is a testament to our mission of serving people with the best critical care and minimal invasive surgery. We remain committed to delivering outcome-driven experiences and care to treat and heal people, based on the same values that the group has followed for the past three decades.

ITM Hospital Gwalior

Director's Message

Dear Patients & Families,

As the director of this respected hospital, I stand before you with deep gratitude and an unwavering commitment to providing the best possible care for each and every one of you. ITM Hospital has always been leading the way with the principles of empathy, integrity, and dedication, and I am humbled to be a part of leading a team that incorporates these values with a whole heart.

In the ever-evolving and developing healthcare industry, my focus is still on holistic patient-centered care. We aim to understand not only the medical conditions of our patients but also the emotional, mental, and social factors which plays a vital role in their well-being. We are continuously enhancing our services, technology, and expertise to make sure that we provide the highest quality of care.

Our responsibility to brilliance in healthcare begins with our noteworthy team of medical professionals, who contributes to a mutual vision of providing world-class care to every patient who knocks on our doors. Together, we attempt to stay in the foreground of medical advancements, encompassing ultra-modern technology and evidence-based practices into our treatment protocols.

As the director of ITM Hospital & Research centre, I promise you that we will continuously strive to be at the forefront of medical advancements, and together, we will overcome every hurdle and celebrate each achievement.

With warmest regards,

Dr. Prashant Agarwal


ITM Hospital and Research centre